A company who inspires and empowers

An acquisition business operating in the energy industry, Fuuzio looks beyond the purchase to provide businesses and their people with real, value-based opportunities to develop, progress and grow.

Focused on the journey, not the destination

Our vision is to electrify everything, sustainably. We see business processes and consumer behaviours shifting from reliance on fossil fuels and so we are focused on embracing sources of renewable energy.

Each business within Fuuzio is working to help businesses and people get involved and work toward taking control of our energy usage and thus, our future.

Why we are different

Rather than buying a business and ripping it apart, Fuuzio works closely with you as the business owner and your leadership team to understand what you have built and to work with you to take it to the next stage.

Our investment in your business is not only financial, it’s holistic. Capitalising on synergies and building on your strengths, we’re here to ensure you reach your self-directed goals. We do this by providing you with expert guidance, education and mentoring

We don’t tell you what to do. We don’t initiate a cultural upheaval. We don’t create uncertainty for your staff.

We do make recommendations based on our extensive experience in business leadership. We do provide you with opportunities to learn how and what it is to lead – well. We do give you access to the tools and strategies to run a successful business, better.

We create A-Player teams

Every decision we make within the Fuuzio business is driven by our core values. Promoting a culture of discipline, our values ensure that our words and actions are always aligned with our goals. Understanding what has and hasn’t worked for us in the past, we constantly challenge our own current work practices to ensure that we continue to grow and improve.


Implementing innovative ideas in a practical form, we project forward and think expansively to create the future we want for our businesses, our people, our customers and our environment.


Continuously predicting what we need to do as a business to create the best outcomes, we are always evaluating how we can add value. Collecting relevant, timely and accessible data we’re able to identify future opportunities and manage risk.


We define competence as the ability to deliver enduring change, deal with issues as they arise, and perform tasks to an exceptionally high standard. Demonstrating competence is fundamental both within our business and through all interactions with our external stakeholders.


Here to serve and improve outcomes for our customers and other stakeholders, deliverability is fundamental to Fuuzio. We keep our promises, always doing what we say we will. We communicate openly, complete projects seamlessly and always ensure we are 100% compliant in all that we do.

No Harm

We do no harm. From a broader sense through to the intricacies of business, we do no harm to our people, our customers, our business, our community and our environment.

We create value and benefits for all stakeholders

Prioritising our people across all businesses within Fuuzio, we provide our stakeholders with real value and tangible benefits. We ensure our people are well rewarded and we promote security, safety and health within and around our workplace.

Creating a team culture where respect, acceptance and belonging are intrinsic, we cultivate confidence and self-esteem. This warm and welcoming, yet goal-inspired and purpose-driven environment is extended to our stakeholders, enabling our businesses to attract new customers and partners, and build strong, sustainable relationships.