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Fuuzio provides you with the information you need to finally beat the electricity retailers at their own game.   By understanding more about your power consumption than they do you can choose the best electricity retailer for your lifestyle and ensure the lowest possible cost for the power that you do use.

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At Fuuzio we recognise that reducing your electricity costs is not just about selecting the correct retailer.   Most businesses and households waste electricity simply because there is no convenient way of knowing that the electricity is being wasted.  The Fuuzion Energy Management Service allows you to see how much electricity is being wasted much like a dripping tap tells you that water is being wasted.

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The electricity you consume from non-renewable sources to power your lifestyle today may impact your children’s lifestyle tomorrow.  Fuuzio is committed to providing you with the information and advice you need to begin your journey towards a carbon neutral future.

What do we do?

Win the battle with your electricity supplier.

Fuuzio’s Fuuzion Energy Management Service (FEMS) couples accurate real-time information with the power of cloud computing to provide you with information and recommendations that are tailored specifically to your family or business helping you to:

  • understand your electricity consumption and do something about it
  • choose the most cost effective electricity retailer
  • reduce the impact your lifestyle has on the environment
  • make informed investment decisions.
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What We Do
How We Do It

How we do it

The best decisions require the best information

When it comes to decisions about your electricity bill you need information about the way in which you consume and produce electricity.

To capture this information we install at your premises, as part of our service, a state of the art energy sensor that captures information about your electricity consumption and production that is not available to your electricity retailer.

This information, coupled with recommendations from Fuuzio empowers you to make the best decisions for your family or business.

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