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Fuuzio Group acquires start-up web design company Inverse Digital

27 November 2019

Fuuzio Group, an acquisition business operating in the energy industry, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Inverse Digital. A website strategy, design and development company, Inverse Digital is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Through this acquisition, Fuuzio Group is furthering its quest to create a culturally integrated group of businesses, building capability within to service both internal operations and external customers.

“Acquiring Inverse Digital ensures that our digital capability across the group is wholly aligned with our broader business culture and architecture”, says Aidan Mountford, Fuuzio Group CEO.

Recognising the talent, drive and customer focus of Inverse Digitial’s founder, Matt Fountain, Fuuzio Group believes this is a great strategic fit for the business.

Identifying the opportunity to provide the Inverse Digital team with better structure, discipline and professional development opportunities, the acquisition will not only benefit Fuuzio Group, but will enable the web design business to independently scale and grow.

“Looking beyond the benefits that Inverse Digital will bring to Fuuzio Group, this is also an opportunity for their team to further develop their leadership and business skills. We’ll be working closely with them during the transition, inaugurating them into Leadership Development Program,” says Aidan.

Digital marketing and web design play an integral role within the group’s operations and the acquisition of Inverse Digital enables Fuuzio to unify design across the group. Having an internal team involved in each phase of every digital design project enables the group to achieve brand and voice consistency across all businesses.

With this acquisition Fuuzio Group will have the capacity to better serve their business teams, customers and communities, both now and in the future.

For more information or an interview, contact:

Aidan Mountford – Fuuzio Group CEO – [email protected]