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Henderson College

Project Overview

Always thinking outside the square, Foreman-Sheean explore and adopt a range of alternate methods and materials to provide Henderson College with a cost-saving, high-quality solution.

Henderson College is a private Christian school located in Irymple, Mildura in Victoria. A member of Adventist Schools Australia, Henderson College provides Prep to Year 10 education to children in the local community.

The Challenges

Experiencing rapid expansion, Henderson College required four new architecturally designed classrooms, offices and a kitchen to accommodate their growing population of students.

Foreman-Sheean worked closely with Weilong Wines to not only gain a deep insight into Stage 1A but also to develop a comprehensive understanding of the overall project. Appreciating the importance of forward-planning, Foreman-Sheean needed to ensure that the electrical design and construct, particularly the underground power installation, would facilitate future construction stages.

Weir Constructions, a large-scale commercial builder, won the contract to build the new facilities and engaged Foreman-Sheean to plan and install the electrical and communications components. Foreman-Sheean has worked with Weir Constructions on a range of projects for over 30 years and has also worked directly for the school, helping with their electrical maintenance.

With several tight deadlines to meet, this project needed to be completed quickly and efficiently, to ensure minimum disruption to the students.

Additionally, with the electrical scope being modified and updated throughout the project, Foreman-Sheean needed to consistently find alternative solutions that would result in a better outcome for the school.

Scope of Work

Building four new learning studios for their Year 5 – 8 students as well as a state-of-the-art home economics facility, Henderson College required a trusted and experienced electrician to complete the electrical work to an exceptionally high standard.

Below is a snapshot of the full project scope:

  • Supply and install one sub-switchboard and two distribution boards throughout the site.
  • Supply and installation of general power and final circuit wiring to luminaires, power outlets, equipment and appliances throughout.
  • Earthing systems to all accessories, outlets, equipment, luminaires, other services, building structure, switchboards and communications cabling systems including provision of equipotential earthing system to slab reinforcement in all wet areas in accordance with AS3000 and in coordination with the Builder.
  • Supply and installation of RCD protection of all socket outlet circuits, lighting circuits and other circuits and equipment.
  • Supply and installation of power supplies to mechanical and hydraulic services.
  • Supply and installation of general and specialised lighting throughout the complex including luminaires, lamps and specialist controls to suit BCA power density and energy efficiency requirements.
  • Supply and installation of lighting control systems including occupancy sensors.
  • Supply and installation of exit and emergency lighting throughout the installation complying with the requirements of AS 2293.
  • Supply and installation of telecommunications systems including communication cabinet, backbone cabling, network connection, building and floor distributors, consolidation points, telecommunications outlets, and wireless access points (WAP).
  • Supply and installation of new public address speakers connected to existing head end.
  • Supply and installation of electronic security systems including remote monitoring, access control, and intruder detection.
  • Supply and installation of master antenna television (MATV) distribution system including outlet cabling, passive and active equipment, aerial installation, and auxiliary equipment and accessories.
  • Supply and installation of a hearing augmentation system serving the building.
  • Supply and installation of ceiling sweep fans.
  • Identification and labelling of the plant and equipment associated with the above systems.
  • Testing and commissioning of the above systems.
  • Provision of electrical services operating and maintenance manuals and as installed drawings for the above systems.
  • Maintenance, servicing, warranty and defects liability for 52 weeks from the date of practical completion.
The Outcome

Committed to delivering impeccable outcomes, Foreman-Sheean completed this project well within the required timeframe and with a ‘clean-sweep’ of the post-completion testing with zero defects.

Drawing on their expertise, the team recommended a number of more cost-effective variations, resulting in significant savings for the school. This included an alternative lighting package, which saved Henderson College $20,000.

“Being flexible and versatile is a key element of our service delivery. From fast-tracking materials to scaling our workforce and being able to respond to changes in scope quickly, we’re always looking at how we can do things differently to create a better outcome.” Brodie Gebhart, Project Coordinator, Foreman-Sheean