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Weilong Wines Case Study

Project Overview

Completing Stage 1A electrical works for Weilong Winery, Foreman-Sheean ensured initial works would facilitate long-term winery growth.

Based in Red Cliffs, in North-west Victoria, Weilong Wines is a 600 hectare vineyard with an 84,000 tonne grape-crushing capacity. Producing red and white wine for bulk export to China, Weilong Wines also bulk-produces juices and offers contract processing services.

The Challenges

The $120 million Weilong Wines project will be built in four stages. Weilong Wines engaged Foreman-Sheean as one of two electrical contractors to complete the Stage 1A Scope of Works, facilitating the first stage of production of 26,000 tonnes of grapes.

As a brand-new winery being built from the ground up, Weilong Wines was a blank canvas for Foreman-Sheean, requiring exceptional foresight and planning. The electrical team needed to not only visualise how the complex would run and look once completed but also map out a detailed framework to ensure its optimal design and install.

Foreman-Sheean worked closely with Weilong Wines to not only gain a deep insight into Stage 1A but also to develop a comprehensive understanding of the overall project. Appreciating the importance of forward-planning, Foreman-Sheean needed to ensure that the electrical design and construct, particularly the underground power installation, would facilitate future construction stages.

Once Stage 1A was completed and staff were employed to operate the winery, a need was identified for new staff to be further trained and upskilled. This required Foreman-Sheean to dedicate additional time to provide guidance on a range of electrical operations and processes within the winery.

Encompassing a degree of complexity, Stage 1A of the Weilong Wines project required an innovative and experienced electrical contractor to complete the works accurately and proficiently.

Scope of Work

Responsible for designing and installing the high voltage power supply, consumer mains and electrical infrastructure for Stage 1A, Foreman- Sheean also wired and provided maintenance services to four of the winery’s tank farms.

Below is a snapshot of the Project Scope:

Underground cabling of high voltage power

Foreman-Sheean installed five 22,000 high voltage transformers, delivering power into the complex and distributing it throughout. A high voltage distribution network, this involved an advanced level of testing and configuration to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Low-voltage main switchboards

Responsible for installing eight low-voltage main switchboards, worth approximately $1 million, Foreman-Sheean installed a combined total of almost 10,000 amps of current-carrying capacity within the switchboards. (To demonstrate the magnitude of this job, an electric jug pulls 10 amps when it boils.)

Tank farms

Foreman-Sheean wired all the agitators and temperature control on four tank farms, with each farm’s capacity ranging from 30,000 litres up to 1.2 million litres. The team also installed power, overhead lighting and high-level exposed cable support systems to all four tank farms.

Filtration building electrical works

Designing and installing all electric works for the winery’s filtration building, Foreman-Sheean was responsible for the wiring of all plant and equipment. This ranged from reverse osmosis water treatment through to centrifuge separation, cross-flow filtration, chemical dosing and the installation of pumps.

The Outcome

Foreman-Sheean was recommended as an electrical contractor by Weilong Wine’s project manager, who knew that their dedication, work ethic and exceptional workmanship was a reflection of his own very high standards.

With a reputation for quality and the understanding that Foreman-Sheean would provide real value to the project, they were engaged by Weilong Wines as one of two electrical contractors.

Further impressing Weilong Wines, Foreman-Sheean were very happy to accommodate their additional staff training needs. Readily onsite when required, the Foreman-Sheean team were always on hand to share their extensive electrical knowledge and provide additional guidance. This proved to be an invaluable service for Weilong Wines, enabling their staff to confidently operate machinery and optimise their operational output.

When Weilong Wines experienced some business challenges during the project, Foreman-Sheean was at the forefront of re-negotiating and offering timely solutions.

Completing the project within the designated timeframe, Foreman-Sheean gave peace of mind to Weilong Wines. They could rest assured with the knowledge that the Foreman-Sheean team always accomplished their tasks reliably, efficiently and compliantly. As one of two electrical contractors involved on the job, Foreman-Sheean was also selected to complete all project extras.

“Foreman-Sheean completed their electrical works on the Weilong Wines project with no issues ever arising. All their work functions perfectly. Fully compliant, the team were impeccable in following the tender spec and were always extremely prompt, approachable and accommodating. When we’ve required follow-up work or our team has a question, Foreman-Sheean are quickly onsite, giving us the information and training we need to ensure we understand the electrical systems that have been installed.” Bruno Zappia, Director, Weilong Wines