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OLAM Group Case Study

Project Overview

Needing to complete electrical works for Olam Orchards Australia Carwarp Processing Plant before the upcoming almond season, Foreman-Sheean tapped into their extensive resources to deliver a high-quality installation within a quick timeframe.

Occupying 15,000 hectares of almond orchards along the Murray River in the Sunraysia region of Northern Victoria, Olam Orchards Australia Processing Plant operates one of the world’s largest hulling, shelling and processing plants. A state-of-the-art facility, Olam Orchards is Australia’s largest producer of almonds, supplying both the domestic market and over 15 countries worldwide. A division of global almond producer, Olam Group, the Australian entity has built a reputation for safe and sustainable almond production.

The Challenges

Olam Orchards Australia Processing Plant required a plant upgrade to improve its operational efficiency. Automating what had been a manual process, new machinery needed to be wired and installed to refine and mechanise the segregation of splits and hashes from the almonds.

The time frame for installation was extremely tight and completing the works within the specified time was critical. The new machinery needed to be cabled, wired and commissioned in time for the upcoming season, giving Foreman-Sheean only a 4 – 5 week turnaround.

Foreman-Sheean needed a well-executed plan and strategy to ensure they had the resources to deliver the project on time and to the highest standard.

Scope of Work

Olam Orchards Australia Processing Plant required a new filter house (extraction system) to be installed for their new automation machinery. They also needed new equipment installed in the pre-cleaning, hulling, shelling and meats areas. A range of equipment also had to be upgraded and relocated.

Below is a snapshot of the full project scope:

  • Install a new filter house
  • Install additional colour sorters
  • Modify and install new electrical equipment in the existing main switchboard, motor control centre and distribution boards
  • Installation and termination of new filter house variable speed drive, including safety circuits
  • Relocation, re-termination and extension of cable tray
  • Increase plant capacity by installing additional gravity separators
  • Design and installation of all cable support systems
  • Termination and validation of all cables
  • Upgrade switchboards and install repurposed equipment
  • Install all associated electrical supply, control and data cables
  • Installation and termination of motor local isolators, emergency stops and controls

All electrical works were required to be performed with clean design consideration and implementation, ensuring that dust was minimised.

The Outcome

Adopting an innovative approach to meet the project deadline and ensure all works were completed to the highest standard, Foreman-Sheean leveraged their partnership with a trusted and highly reputable Tier 1 labour-hire company. With the capacity and versatility to source additional electricians when necessary, Foreman-Sheean were able to scale up and down accordingly.

“Having the capability to tap into a reliable and inexhaustible resource of highly skilled and experienced electricians gives us the advantage of full scalability, which means we can take on and deliver on any project – large or small.” Scott Wilkinson, General Manager, Foreman-Sheean

In accordance with Foreman-Sheean’s affiliate protocol, the labour-hire company underwent a rigorous onboarding and compliance process before becoming a partner. Impressed with this process, the labour-hire company has since implemented Foreman-Sheean’s documentation into their processes and reciprocated the relationship by classifying them as a top tier client.

As an additional value-added service, Foreman-Sheean provided a risk-management service, covering the entirety of the project, from mechanical to electrical through to receipt of new equipment. Running a comprehensive risk management schedule, Foreman-Sheean ensured the job was completed to the full satisfaction of Olam Orchards.

Contributing to the improved quality and increased productivity for Olam Orchards, Foreman Sheean continues to provide electrical contracting services to the facility on a range of smaller-scale jobs.

“Completing this project on time was crucial for ongoing operations. With the flexibility to increase their resources as the project progressed, Foreman Sheean extended their time onsite from 8 hours a day, five days a week to 12 hours a day, seven days a week – ensuring their work was completed within the tight timeframe.” Ahmer Parvez, Engineering Manager, Olam Orchards Australia Pty Ltd