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How we do it

Our electricity sensor provides detailed and accurate information regarding your family or business’s consumption and generation of electricity, we will install our sensor in your meter box at a time convenient to you.

The Fuuzio energy sensor provides more detailed information than is generally available from your electricity retailer or distributor this is because  your electricity retailer captures your electricity as it enters (or in the case of solar owners, when the electricity leaves your property), our sensor captures electricity as it is consumed by your appliances.

The sensors that are deployed in conjunction with the Fuuzion Energy Management Service  send this information to be processed every second (If you would like to understand more about why this matters please read our article “Why is Fuuzio Different”) while providing information about what devices in your home are consuming power.  This allows us to provide specific information on the cost of certain elements of your lifestyle.

Why is Fuuzio different?

We use this information in several ways:

  • So that you can monitor your consumption in real time using our mobile or web application
  • To prepare recommendations that could include:
    1. Energy footprint reduction strategies
    2. Electricity retailer and tariff selection recommendations
    3. Recommendations of possible investments, their anticipated rates of return and
  • We provide you with regular reporting on your energy consumption.

Once the sensor is running we immediately begin the process of capturing this information and make this information available to you via our smartphone app and website, then, after 4 to 6 weeks of data collection we will begin, together, the journey of saving you money and reducing the impact your lifestyle has on the planet.

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How We Do It

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